ANT Effective Knowledge Transfer

Effective Knowledge Transfer

We enable you to quickly gain capability in using and maximizing new, important, and impactful technologies through the use of our proven methodology. Our methodology provides you with the services far beyond standard training or implementation, but also provides you with an integrated and comprehensive knowledge transfer capability to ease the human-technology adoption challenges.

The focus is to enable you to quickly and painlessly using and maximizing the benefits bring forward by new technologies advancement. We can also help you to assess and plan for your IT human resource skills and knowledge development. Equip them with the skills and best practices available, and monitor their progress over the time. Keep them up to date with the latest best and sound practices. This service will ensure you to have people with the best knowledge and ready to align and exploit your business needs as quickly as possible.

We are strong believer that to be a decent professionals, we should follow the concept of Continuing Professional Education concept. Due to the rapid changes in the world, particularly in IT area, it is not (or never) enough to just get into a class and be master of the topic forever. This is the reason for us to offer a complete coverage of IT related course tracks, from IT Governance, PMMM, SAC, to Quality course track. Each of the course track consists of many courses from foundation to advanced courses. Each course is covered with depth coverage of the topic. Moreover, our instructors are IT professionals with relevant experience, education and world-class certification. This concept of training we believe would differentiate us from the rest training center.

Continuing Professional Education

We are not just Traditional IT Training Center. We are more than that. We offer Continuing Professional Education, that's why we provide breadth and depth IT Training, which cover Management and Technical area. We're not just providing one by one training, but we give you full track in each area, so you know which one do you wanna learn now and which one will you learn after that.

We provide training in Management Area, such as GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) which consist of more that 5 course, BASP & BPM (Business Analyst & Business Process Management) which consist more than 5 course, SAA (Security & Audit) which consist more than 10 course, and many other area such as ESSA (Enterprise Software & System Architecture), PPPM (Project, Portfolio and Program Management), etc.

We also provide training in Technical Area, such as Java (consist more than 15 course), Microsoft (consist more than 15 course), and many others such as Linux, Multiplatform programming, Multimedia, IBM Lotus/ IBM WebSphere/ DB2, Oracle, Reporting, and many more.