ANT Training Coverage

IT Governance

Our Commitment

Andalan Training Center is established to provide rapid way to equip professionals with the needed skills for architecting, using and maintaining real world IT solutions. Our coursewares are delivered by high qualified professionals, with wide experience in delivering real world IT solutions, to many companies in Indonesia and overseas.

Our Value

We believe in providing IT training beyond certification purpose. We believe that to provide excellent IT solutions to an enterprise, or in the real world, would require much more than standard knowledge obtained in standard courses. Therefore, we are committed to:

  1. Provide more advanced courses that can be applied directly to your real business situation.
  2. Provide qualified trainers which are not only equipped with professional certifications (such as MCT, MCSE, MOUS, MCSD, CLPP, CLI, and Java Certified), but also have hands-on real-world experiences.
  3. Show you the best methods, tricks, and practices in incorporating technologies to your business environment.
  4. Provide training methods that are based on active, discovery, and learning enjoyment.

Our Courses

  1. Java Development Cluster

    One of ANT's speciality courses is Java course. In this course, we have complete tracks from Mastering Java language; which help students to master Java language as a development language and platform, Mastering Java Client Side Development using JFC and/or J2ME, Mastering Java Database Manipulation techniques using Java Language, Mastering Java Distributed Enterprise Application (J2EE) and Mastering Java IDE tools.

  2. IBM Lotus Domino Cluster

    In Lotus Notes/Domino, we offer not only standard trainings for users, but also advanced trainings such as Domino Mail & Web Administrator, Domino Programming JavaScript, Domino Programming Lotus Scripts, and Domino Programming Java as well.

  3. Microsoft Cluster

    Our Microsoft courses are ranging from standard Operating System courses (NT, Windows 9x), MS-Office 2000 to Advanced Web Development courses (such as ASP, ADO, HTML, XML, JavaScript, SQL Server, VB (COM) to 3-Tiers Web Development).

  4. Linux Cluster

    For Linux Training, we offer from basic administration training to advanced administration training, such as Linux Networking Administration and also some advanced Linux development training.

  5. Multimedia Cluster

    There are three tracks for multimedia training areas. The first track is designed for Web Graphics Designer. This covers Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Freehand, and Macromedia Fireworks. The second track is designated to Flash Web Animation, which covers Macromedia Flash. The last track is aimed for Web Editor, this cover Macromedia Dreamwaver.

  6. Multiplatforms Cluster

    Our training center also provides training for Multiplatforms developer such as C++, Advanced C ++, S-lang and Corba programming fundamental.

  7. Oracle Cluster

    In Oracle area, we currently have courses for Database administrator or programmer, and for potential Java application Developer who wants to know the potential use of Java Technology and Application.

  8. ITSM Cluster

    ITSM/IT Service Management Cluster is designed for IT professional interested in gaining and understanding of the best practices, standards, processes in IT Service Management. ITSM also covers Helpdesk Area, IT Asset Management, Data Center, Comptia A+ and Network + and ISO 20000

  9. Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management (PPPM) Cluster

    Project Management is recognized as a highly desirable for managers, at all levels in an organization, to ensure business success. This course will bring significant benefits not only to project leaders or managers, but also to all the project members to allow them to have the same concepts, process understanding, and using the same vocabularies in project management, to ensure the commitment and project success.

  10. Security & Audit Cluster

    This practical training is aimed at anyone in an organization that uses IT in their daily work, from end-users to management level. This course is appropriate and applicable in many industries such as banking, telecommunication, government, manufactures and etc.

  11. Software Process Cluster

    Software Process course is designed and valuable for business analysts, programmers, technical managers, computer scientists and end-users who are responsible for the analysis, design and/or management of advanced applications or systems, by using or applying the cutting-edge Object-Oriented techniques in their software projects.

  12. GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) Cluster

    Governance Risk and Compliance Cluster is designed and valuable for IT Management, IT Professionals and Practitioners who would like to understand the importance of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance by providing directions into right decisions for a better bottom line.

    This is specially designed to provide us with the concept of IT Governance and then quickly focus on the five major IT Governance focus areas (Strategic Alignment, Value Delivery/Creation, Risk Management/Value Preservation, Resource Management and Performance Measurement).

    A generic action plans that we can tailor and adopt to suit our organization use will be presented during this training.

  13. ESSA (Enterprise, System, and Software Architecture) Cluster

    ESSA/Enterprise System and Software Architecture will guide you to create an architecture for the Enterprise, such as Service Oriented Architecture and other technology behind it. This course is needed for Senior Manager, IT/Software Architect, Analyst, Senior Developers and Data Designer.

  14. BA, BI, & BPM (Busines Analysis, Business Intelligence, & Business Process Management) Cluster

    Business Analysis Cluster covers Foundation Knowledge in IT Business Analysis, Business Process Management, and Business Intelligence. This cluster also connected with other cluster such as Software Process, Enterprise System and Software Architecture such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), IT Governance, Project Management, and also Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 as BI Tools.

    Mastering IT Business Analysis based on BABOK (Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge) created by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), designed for organization who would like to understand more about the roles business analysts' play, the desired knowledge and skills required for professional business analyst.

  15. IBM WebSphere Cluster

  16. Front End Web Technology Cluster

  17. Quality Assurance Cluster

  18. Business Productivity Cluster

    Business Productivity Cluster will help your employee to become more productive by developing their skill in business, such as Managing Stress, Develop Assertiveness, Manage Meetings, How to Negotiate Effectively, How to Write Reports and Proposals, and Creating Successful Presentation Skills.

  19. First Line Manager Cluster

    First Line Manager Cluster is designed and valuable for IT and Business professionals, IT supervisors and IT management who would like to gain the necessary essential skills and knowledge to become a good IT Manager.

    Many technical and business professionals are tossed into their new position of managing an IT department or unit without any necessary knowledge, training or experience or even without a clear idea of what is expected from them in their new position. This specialized course is designed for all potential IT management from IT supervisors to IT managers to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to fill in the position.

    The course provides all the essential knowledge needed to manage those new responsibilities: vital tasks such as managing and planning for staffs, managing projects, creating budgets, evaluating technologies, administering compliance and etc.