ANT 360-degree Assessment

360-degree Assessment

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Confidentiality is very essential to ensure the successful application, that's why every employee can only see his or her own documents.

Export to Microsoft Excel Features

Using Microsoft Excel graphical features, you can create graphical/Microsoft Excel based report as you wish. OLE Automation technology used to simplify the reporting process.

Career Management tools

This application is a career management tools and very helpful for Human Resource Department, aimed to help a Human Resource Department to conduct a 360-degree survey for every employee in the organization. The system provides a flexible survey questions definition and instruction, secure assessment process and tracking, and extensive problem reporting and diagrams by leveraging on Microsoft Excel integration capability.

360-Degree Assessment, a process where you can gather and compare confidential and anonymous feedback from the 5-10 people you work with the most (Your self, Peers & teammates, your manager, External partners and or vendors, and your direct reports). This application focuses primarily on HOW the job is done, not WHAT is done.

This is a compass to guide your continuous growth and development. This also a tool to kick-start ongoing feedback and open communication. This application is not a ranking system, a performance appraisal, a contest or competition, a personality test or evaluation.