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Java is no longer just a language, but it has become a platform. You can learn about Java programming, J2SE, J2EE, J2ME, and other necessary information from the latest coverage java technologies available.

These rich cluster is designed for IT developers, architect, Managers, and business analysts.

Java 2 Courses List

The following lists the Java courses available. All courses have been updated to support the latest version of Java, including Java version 1.5 and intended for serious Java professionals.

Java 2 Courses List for Developer
No. Course Code Title Days
1 Java2-101 Programming In Java: An Object Oriented Approach 5
2 Java2-102 Advanced Java Programming 5
3 Java2-103 Graphic Java Programming with the JFC 5
4 Java2-104 Java Network Programming 5
5 Java2-105 Java Database Programming 3
6 JVOR-106 Oracle-Java Database Development 5
7 Java2-107 Using HTML, Java Script, Servlets, JSP and JDBC in Web Applications Development (2 tiers) 5
8 Java2-108 Developing J2EE Web tier application: JSP and Java Servlets 5
9 Java2-109 Mastering EJB 3 Application Development 3
10 Java2-110 Advanced J2EE Programming: using BEA WebLogic/IBM WebSphere/Oracle Application Server 5
11 Java2-111 Advanced J2EE Technology (J2EE Fast Track) 10
12 Java2-120 Developing Database Driven Web Application using Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JSQL and RMI technologies 5
13 Java2-122 Design Patterns using Java 3
14 Java2-125 Java Corba Programming 5
15 Java2-128 JSF (Java Server Pages) and Ajax 5
16 Java2-150 Advanced Web development using Jakarta Struts Framework 5
17 Java2-188 Web Development Workshop using JSP, Servlets, JDBC and Tomcat 2
18 Java2-200 Java Development with JBuilder 5
19 Java2-201 Java Development with Eclipse 5
20 Java2-501 J2ME Programming Fundamental: Mobile Interface Device Programming 4
21 Java2-601 Java 6 New Advanced Features 3
22 Java2-801 Mastering Advanced Java for Banking Industry 10
Java 2 Administration Courses
No. Course Code Title Days
22 Java2-901 Tomcat Administration and Configuration 3
Java 2 Management Courses
No. Course Code Title Days
22 Java-M-100 J2EE Technology and Architecture: A Guide for Managers 4


  1. To gain your maximum benefits, Course Customization is possible when there are more than 8 students to follow the course at once time.
  2. Java Certifications preparation courses are also available from Java Programmer Certification, Web Tier, Business Component (EJB) certification.
  3. Other specific Java courses based on specifics vendor tools such as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle Application Server are available on other course track. Contact education@ant.co.id or our sales representation.

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