ANT Information Infrastructure

Information Infrastructure Solution

Currently, we offer comprehensive Information Infrastructure services include:

Security Solutions

We Provide complete solution to prevent your systems from Security Breach, Threat, Secure Remote Access and Data Leakage Protection such as: virus, spam, spyware/grayware, malware, phishing, intruder, and more security breach and threat that coming from Internal or External time to time.

IT systems security is absolute needs that your company must have to maintain your business continuity. Solution covers multiplatform, any media, and upgrade your existing security to the better one.

Messaging and Collaborative Solutions

Make your employee more productive and knowledgeable with your messaging and collaborative solutions with any interface, anytime and anywhere access. Solution we provide for our customers, covers: Implementing new system, using Exchange Server or Domino Server, Migration your system, such as from Domino Server from Windows platform to other platforms, Domino Server to Exchange Server or Exchange Server to Domino Server, and earlier Domino or Exchange Server to the latest version Domino or Exchange Server.

Not just stop at Collaboration, we are capable to extent solution to be unified communication system, with either Microsoft or Domino platform. For Instant Messaging, Voice over IP, and online meeting integration.

Back up and Recovery Solution

Your business stop when your data and system crash? We have the solution.

Our solution based on best practice and tools to kept high availability of your IT system and data. Protect your investment due to our solution use the latest breed of technology, easy to follow your infrastructure growth, in terms of multiplatform, new operation systems, new applications.

We also cover hardware virtualization technology.

System and Reporting Management

Your difficulty with monitoring and manage your system security, network, hardware and software inventory, and distribute new software can be solve with solution that we have. Protect your solution in this area by integrating update and patch management, asset management, configuration management, service management.

Leave those headaches and make your life more enjoyable.

Short Assessment

Our process can commence with a short assessment that can go a long way towards planning a proper and cost-effective solution. Our consultant seek to identify you problems and opportunities and collect as much information as possible from you to ensure you will have the best solution, not only from the short term but also for the long-term point of view.

Major phases in our process are listed below:

  • Assessment and requirements determination.
  • (Re)Deployment planning.
  • Pre-deployment and pilot testing.
  • Collaboration infrastructure analysis and preparation.
  • Service implementation and configuration.
  • Continuously Support, Maintenance and Training.