ANT Helpdesk Management System

Problem Management Features

Problem Management features ensure that a case is entered quickly and tracked through its life cycle all the way to closure without the possibility of it getting lost.

Automating the helpdesk with efficient case categorization, automatic assignments, notifications, and escalations keeps you ahead of end user expectations.

Problems are tracked, routed, and escalated based on your business requirements, delivering a proactive manner, instead of a reactive manner.

Problem Resolution Features

Easy to use categorization and searching capabilities, helpdesk technicians can quickly zero in on resolutions to problems in experience or solution databases.

Measurement and Reporting Features

A key component to any helpdesk is measurement and reporting. These management tools enable you to keep your fingers on the pulse of the helpdesk organization and predictably meet your commitments and service levels.

Preformatted reports view and a built-in, ad-hoc reporting tool, provide helpdesk managers with virtually unlimited reporting capabilities. Ad-hoc or predefined reports provide flexibility and adaptability for measuring calls, managing service performance, and reaching goals.

Scalable Foundation Features ANT Helpdesk is built on the Lotus Notes/Domino system, the foundation for providing helpdesk applications.Lotus Notes is a scalable foundation that allows for easy and rapid growth as your business requirements evolve, serving departmental users on up through tens of thousands of people across the global enterprise.

The lotus Notes supports more than 20 platforms, ranging from PC Server, UNIX to the Mainframe System. More over, Lotus Notes/Domino scalable foundation has a powerful and superior design with a reliable and proven network-light architecture that minimizes the load on your network.

ANT Web Based Helpdesk is a fully functioning web based helpdesk application from PT. Andalan Nusantara Teknologi (ANT), the national leader in the Lotus Notes market. It offers a powerful and flexible problem management and resolution, and customizable reporting capabilities that enable your helpdesk team to quickly improve productivity and quality.

For the users, they can submit, track and monitor their problems by themselves or via an IT Coordinator.

For management, reports and problems tracking and monitoring is the best features to ease our task in making sure the smooth run of the helpdesk department and for the capacity and education planning for our helpdesk staff.

A Complete Solution

ANT Web based Helpdesk is easily implemented solution available today to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal support operation. ANT Helpdesk drives down the total cost of owner ship of your IT infrastructure by being the fastest to production, most scalable and most adaptable solution available today. With extensive usability testing, the interface is easy to use and reduces training time with views tailored to each type of user.

ANT Helpdesk consists of four integrated, best-in-classcapabilities that help manage functions which are critical to the organization's infrastructure: Problem Management, Problem Resolution, Departmental Charging, Staff Productivity and many Statistical reports.

When you choose ANT Helpdesk, you choose the high quality products and services. Helpdesk has always been our business and will continue to be our business. Our products are designed to leveraging the systems you already have. Our commitment to high quality products and services has proven successful to our customers and you can be one of them too.

Helpdesk Training

We provide an end to end solution in Helpdesk, which covers solution and also training. For Helpdesk training please visit ITSM Training Page, and look on Helpdesk, Asset Management, and CompTIA training Section.