ANT Purchase Request Workflow System

Purchase Request Workflow System

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Reduce Administration and Processing Time

As we know, managing purchasing requests are not easy and very time-consuming. It involves many different parties from requestors, purchasing department and technical specification personnels, which different for each type of products and services.

This workflow applicaiton will help you to significantly reduces the time and effort required to administer purchasing workflow from purchase requests, approvals (including budget checking and appropriate technical department checking), vendor selection, vendor rating, purchase monitoring, purchase orders and many more.

With this system, those involved in the Purchase Request process can carry out more productive work rather than being burdened with administrative tasks.

Easy to modify Business Process Features

This application is powered with ANT Workflow Engine 2.1, which will allow you to ease the process of modifying business process. Management's work will be more efficient using this facility to track & monitor the progress of every request just from their PC. This will fasten the process. Management and users can see where the bottleneck is, if any. Users can easily monitor the progress of their all requests and management can easily do monitor the progress of all requests, the realisation between the corporate or departmental bugdets versus realisation.

Analysis & Statistic Report Features

This feature supports some analysis & statistic reports, which help customer to:

  • Monitor their budget for each department/company.
  • Analyze the bottleneck in a process.
  • View specific Reports for specific groups.
  • Print purchase request document.
  • Monitor document status.
  • Monitor statistical reports.
  • Choose the right vendors for a given technical specification.

Summary Notification Features

This feature will be useful for top management to see only the summary of a purchasing request. Purchase Request Workflow is a workflow system built on Lotus Notes platform in order to make purchase request process more efficient. This application allow users to create purchase requests, track and monitor their requests. Purchase Request Workflow consists of requesting process, approval process, recordinga and tracking process. This application can be used in cross industries (such as manufacture,financial, distribution).

When you choose ANT Purchase Request Workflow, you choose the high quality products and services with high security. This application also powered with ANT Workflow Engine 2.1.