ANT IT Service Management System

IT Service Management System

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24/7 IT Services

Now all employees can use IT services whenever they like. Just by submitting a request for an IT service, or monitoring the progress of their requests.

Reporting Features

Manager easy to monitor progress of all requests, and view the overall IT Service reports status.

Faster Processing Time

Workflow process will reduce paper work and reduce risk of document loss. Process become faster and easier than ever.

Support a suite of applications

Consists of a suite of applications, which can be categorized into 4 major categories, such as Software, Hardware, Telecommunication, and Fax. Each of this application has implemented its built-in business process which incorporates Workflow/approval, status monitoring, tracking, email notification and many more. The business process can easily be customized to suit your company business process, to help IT department of an organization to manage all client requests towards its services.

The main idea of this suite of application is to computerized available services offered by an IT department to all of its internal clients so that those services are available in 24/7 in a week.

Suitable for all medium to large company, particularly for very suitable for Multinational companies (MNC), and company operates in many different time-zones and locations.

Help you to significantly reduce costs

All of applications under this suite of application are fully equipped with comprehensive tracking and reporting capability as well as with SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculation and statistical information. These features will significantly reduce the paper work of IT Managers and IT coordinator; allowing them to spend their valuable time to more strategic tasks.

It provides many workflow-based applications from software installation requests, new computer requests to hardware components requests. In the real-world, this application is very suitable to be combined with our Helpdesk system.