ISO-QMS System

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Reduce Administration Time

Significantly reduces the time and effort required to administer the documented Quality System and associated records. Those involved in the Quality Management process can carry out proactive work rather than being burdened with administrative tasks.

Better Document Control

Eliminates document control and archiving issues, by making it easy to identify and access documents online.

Easy Document Distribution

Reduces (even eliminates) the need to distribute and control paper documentation and records. If a controlled document distribution and document printing is required, this system provides you with the facilities by employing a tight integration of Microsoft Word 97 and above.

Reduce Time for External Audit

External auditors can more easily follow an audit trail. Likewise, internal auditors have ready access to relevant checklists when undertaking scheduled audits.

Better Document Organization

This Application lets QMS users to define the relationships among documents in a wide variety of ways. For example, the relationship between the description of a process, documents, audit information can be presented well in different related views.

Summary Notification Features

This feature will be useful for top management to see only the summary of a purchasing request. Purchase Request Workflow is a workflow system built on Lotus Notes platform in order to make purchase request process more efficient.

This application allow users to create purchase requests, track, and monitor their requests.

Purchase Request Workflow consists of requesting process, approval process, recordinga and tracking process.

This application can be used in cross industries (such as manufacture, financial, and distribution).

When you choose ANT Purchase Request Workflow, you choose the high quality products and services with high security. This application also powered with ANT Workflow Engine 2.1.

Integrated Quality Management Solution

The Most Effective Document Control

The most effective document controls that allows a reduction of the cost in the work of creating and of managing the task, record, training and documentation, in particular with regards to the task of the organization's quality responsible. Designed to help you better manage Quality Management document controls.

This Application stores a set of formal documents that capture all the manuals, procedures, work instructions, task and activities related with your Quality System. All the records related to compliance and the monitoring of quality standards, such as quality records, and related reference information is easy to find, and easy to correlate with the appropriate formal documents.

Built in Authorization Security System

This application ensures that only those who have the proper authoritisation can read, change or author documents. Document versioning is supported well in this system.