ANT Enterprise Integrated Portal

Enterprise Integrated Portal

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Publishing System

This system allows every responsible department to publish and manage their documents and information by themselves. Document publishing and content management are made easy with the available of this system.

Knowledge Management

EIP is often used as a media for distributing organisation knowledge for its employees. Knowledge Management is a discipline to leverage information and expertise to improve the organization. Every employee can be provided with the facilities to access and search to the information she needs. Community development and forum to interact with others employees can easily be integrated.

This system can be easily integrated with existing applications, such as manufacturing application, financial application, Human Resource application, real-time collaboration and many more; allowing you to have a single access points to access all the applications needed to do your jobs. Personalisation and built-in system security are supported by default.

Executive Information System

It's easy for the executive or top management to see information in a format they can easily understand. Real time information can be seen immediately using ticker, graphical view and OLAP, and many more.

Vision leads to e-Business

E-business promises decreased expenses and increased revenue. Expense can be decreased by availability of information, low cost of sales, customer self service, etc. Increasing customer satisfaction and give a web based services can increase revenue. Portal acts as a single point of access to any information inside a company and even to the Internet.

Community building can easily developed with the features supported by the system, such as the availabity of e-forums, e-virtual meetings, e-chatting, and many more.

Enterprise Portal Application

  • Publishing System (Executive Decision, Company Policy & Procedure, and Knowledge Management)
  • Commercial Information (Online Executive Information System (Real time information in a ticker and Graphical Web Reporting)
  • Personal Information (Email, C&S, and Subscription)
  • Corporate Information (Project Management applications, HRMS Application, and Office Automation leads to paperless Office)
  • Personalisation and Built-In security.
  • Can be integrated with our real-time collaboration module such as for real-time virtual meeting, chatting, Application Sharing and Meeting Presentation.