ANT Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management System

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Easy to manage customer

Our unique CRM product allows you to leverage your people, processes, activities, information, and technologies, in order to acquire new customers and retain your existing customers. Our CRM will also help you to build long-term customer loyalty and serve every customer as a unique individual.

Monitoring Features

Sales Managers or Directors would be easy to monitor the progress for all opportunities, including time-frame and size of opportunities. This CRM will also help you and your staff to do win-lose analysis for a given opportunity. You will also easily monitor your staffs's done and plan activities towards customers; allowing you to coach and advice your staffs well.

More importantly, this system allows you to view and analyze your customers using many differerent perspectives. For examples: based on industry, company size, opportunity available, relationship developed so far, internal coach for any given customer, and many more.

This monitoring features, of course, will significantly reduces yours and your staff's paper work and concentrate more towards business opportunities.

Automatic Distribution Features

It is easy to distribute information about new products/promotion to specific customer using these features.

High Security

Using Lotus Notes/Domino Security, only authorized staff can use this database. You can define your company's sales policy towards who or which group/role can view accounts, opportunities, and other information regarding to your valuable customers information.

Increase Profit

Our CRM will drive powerful marketing opportunities and activities. The result will increase profits and shareholder value. The Customer Relationship Management System is a sales automation and clients management application. The software allows you to control the complete marketing and sales pipeline and process, contact persons, opportunities and actions taken which lead to final closing of an opportunity. This system is equipped with comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. This system will allow you to concentrate more on startegies for every opportunies, maintain your existing customers relationship better and derive plan to acquire new customers instead of spending your valuable time on paper reporting.