ANT Advanced Java Education Training

Advaced Java Education Brochure

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"For serious Developers to develop real world applications"

Mastering Database Driven Web Application Development Using Java

Only in 8 days!

Java Language

  • UML Design based object oriented approach
  • Setup Java Development Environment
  • Learn Java Language (Syntax, Flow Control, Method, Class, etc.)
  • Application Framework
  • GUI
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Database Development (JDBC)
  • Tools: Apache-Tomcat, Eclipse/RAD

Developing Web Application Using Java

  • A comprehensive web based application using:
    • HTTP Protocol
    • Servlet API
    • JSP
    • Java Beans
    • Tomcat
  • Securing Web Application
  • Best Practices: Architecting Java Web Application using MVC, Security , & Logging
  • Case Study

Advanced J2EE Fast Track

Only in 10 days!

What is Advanced J2EE Fast Track? This world-class course is specificially designed for anyone with a solid Java programming knowledge to quickly mastering J2EE programming technoloy to enable him/her to develop and leverage on the power of J2EE to develop complex business application in one fast track.

What would you achieve in advanced J2EE fast track?

  • Understand and be able to apply software development process (UML, UP, & Rational Rose)
  • Understand the J2EE architecture
  • Be able to develop Database Driven Java application using JDBC, Advanced JDBC, and Hibernate
  • Be able to develop web based application using Servlet, JSP, and Struts
  • Understand and be able to use EJB (Entity, Session, and Message Bean)
  • Understand the purpose of ANT Tool
  • Understand the solid foundation about web services and SOA

Overal Benefit

  • Instructures with International Certification (SCPJ, SCWCD, & SCBCD), with 5-15 years related work experience.
  • Best development practices are discussed & emphasized during the training
  • Using IBM RAD 6, Eclipse, and Apache ANT

What is the Prerequisite?

Before taking this course, at least you should have the knowledge of Java Language (Mastering Java Language) .